Gemeinsames Abendessen aller Darsteller am Samstag:

Es wird ein gemeinsames Abendessen aller Teilnehmer am Samstag geben. Zu diesem Essen bringt bitte jede Gruppe ihre Sitzgelegenheiten und ihr Essen bis 19Uhr zum Innenhof. Bei schlechtem Wetter fällt das Bankett aus.

In der Taverne gibt es zum Selbstkostenpreis Bier und Wein. Öffnungszeiten jeden Tag ab 17Uhr. Becher, Kannen und eventuell Sitzgelegenheiten selbst mitbringen.

Morgentliche Orga – Besprechung mit allen Lagerverantwortlichen

Infos folgen, was schon definitiv ist:
Sonntag ab 18 Uhr „last dance“ in der Taverne Heißer Herre!
Worth knowing:
Your contact persons: Markus Single, Markus Krichel/Die Reisecen
Fabian Brenker/Familia Swevia, Rena Kammüller/1400
Tournament: Markus Willmann, More Majorum
Opening times: Friday—Sunday (24th – 26th August), 10:00—18:00
Please take care of befitting social standing clothes: The visitors should be able to recognize class distinctions. Various activities in all of the camps are also highly welcome.
Arrival: Starting on Tuesday, 16:00
Dinner for all: Saturday, 25th of August big banquet at the court yard: Each group should bring their dishes to the round table at 19:00!
Removal: Sunday from 18:00 until Monday 18:00
Fresh straw: In the castle’s stable
Used straw: Beside the tournament field
Firewood: Behind blacksmith’s shop and behind the barn. Please bring back the remains to these places after the event
Open fire: Please extinguish early before leaving, remove the ashes, crop the grass and water it carefully
Dogs: Are to be leashed and monitored all time. Please follow if recommended!
Camp guard: On your own responsibility
Registration and Thursday 18:00 with Markus Single, Fabian Brenker
discussion tournament: at the taverna Heißer Herre.
Tournament visitors: Show up in large numbers! Dress up! Jeer and scream for us!
Discussion siege & battle: Saturday 10:00 o’clock with Fabian Brenker in front of the tower.
Please show your weapons for an inspection.
Important – liability/own risk: The participation at all activities – especially tournament and siege/battle – is at your own risk! There are no liability claimsin any case of damage or loss.
Guided camp tour: 2—3 times each day we offer guided tours through the camp-sites for visitors
We kindly request you to present your equipment too. Everyday items, armor and weapons are interesting to our visitors all the
Lectures: Up to now we prepare to present you 2-3 lectures
Workshops: Only for partipicants because previous knowledges are
Bow tournament: The bow torunament is cancelled due to security reasons.
Taverna »Heißer Herre«: Open each evening — only for participants.
Opening times will be called out!
Please bring with you:
— your own drinking vessel
— a seat
— a light, candle or torch if needed
— if you like, your heraldic shields to decorate the tavern
The best comes last: »Last dance« at »Heißer Herre« will be on Sunday 18:00!
Prices in taverna All beverages cost Euro 1,80 = 1 bar at the bill-board
»Heißer Herre«: Beer: Clear wheat beer, Museumsbier No1 (unfiltered)
Wine: Kerner (white, semi-dry), Primitivo (red, dry)
Drink, chalk it up to the bill-board, pay before you leave!
Each guest gets noticed to the bill-board. Each of your drinks will be chalked up there. Before leaving please pay your debts on the
board. We count on your fairness!
»Free Friday« at Friday 20:00 official meet’n greet for all the participants!
taverna »Heißer Herre« Rise your glases on our event!
At this evening all drinks are free!
Additional drinks are highly welcome too, of course …
We enjoy you staying with us!



Markus Single

Markus Single

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Fabian Brenker

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Renate Kammüller

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